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We provide custom solutions for Landscape Lighting, Irrigation or just about anything else your client can imagine.

Everyone has that client.....they just want what they want. They don't particularly want to hear how
impossible it is. They just want to hear that you can get it done.

Sample Project

For this particular contractor, the client had a very definitive vision of how he wanted things to operate.
There were 6 landscape lighting transformers on the job. The client wanted them all to come on at sunset
and wanted them all off at 11pm. Simple enough so far...

However, between 11pm and sunrise, if a car drove through the drive entry, he wanted 2 of the transformers
to come on, but only for 10 minutes. Then shut off.

They also wanted the ability to control everything from inside the house and to override the timers from
inside the house.

We put together a complete solution, for a very reasonable price.

So don't say "It can't be done". Call us. We will provide a complete solution to help keep your customer.... well, yours.